About FarmersTalk.ca

FarmersTalk.ca is a call to action to the Prince Edward Island farming community and beyond to start talking about mental health and mental illness to reduce stigma and save lives.

As Islanders, we care about our neighbors and work hard to support each another.

When someone has to travel off Island for medical care, Islanders help.

When weather threatens and the crop needs to be harvested, Islanders help.

When someone suffers from a house or barn fire, Islanders help.

In every PEI community and extended family, someone is struggling with a mental health problem, you can help.

How to help

  • Pay more attention to your own mental health and well-being and encourage it in others.
  • Educate yourself and others about mental health, mental illness and suicide.
  • Support a loved one, friend or neighbor living with a mental health issue or illness, who is going through a difficult time, struggling with suicidal thoughts or has lost a loved one to suicide.
  • Reassure others that it is OK to talk about suicide. It helps to reduce the stigma.
  • Encourage farmers, family members or farm workers you know to seek counseling and/or treatment when they need it.
  • Language matters. Instead of saying ‘committed suicide’ which can perpetuate blame and stigma; use the words ‘died by suicide’ to allow a more open discussion about mental health and the signs, symptoms and experiences of people living with mental illness and/or trauma. Want to learn more? Read Language Matters in Mental Health.

Our approach

A healthy agriculture industry and community on PEI is important for wellness and productivity. The Department of Agriculture (DA) seeks to be a partner in promoting good mental health in collaboration with the agriculture industry, existing community and healthcare supports, and the public.

Download: Mental Health Promotion policy (DA)

Contact Us

For information about the FarmersTalk.ca campaign, contact:

PEI Department of Agriculture

Phone: 902-368-4880
Email: DeptAg@gov.pe.ca