Farmer Assistance Program of PEI

'Is it confidential?'

That's usually the first question people ask when they call the PEI Farmer Assistance Program; and the answer is always yes.

‘I don’t know where to start or how this even works.'

When you call the PEI Farmer Assistance Program (FAP), you will talk with one of the program's two professional counselors - Frank Bulger or Jan Henry. At this time, you can share a bit about what is bothering you. From there, you will establish a date and time to meet face-to-face for a counselling session.

Your counseling session will be held at a private, independant office in Summerside or Charlottetown, not connected with the PEI Federation of Agriculture, the National Farmers Union or the Department of Agriculture.

Common issues to address with a FAP counsellor

FAP counsellors have experience in a range of areas, including:

    Stress, anxiety and depression
    Farm transition issues
    Family farm partnership strain
    Trauma and critical incidents
    Bereavement and grief counselling
    Couple and marital counselling
    Elder care concerns
    Health concerns: chronic and terminal illness
    Parenting issues and concerns
    Legal issues
    Learning disabilities
    Gender issues / sexuality
    Job conflict and pressures
    Career counselling
    Anger management


There is no cost for the service for farmers, immediate family members and farm workers who qualify. You can access this service for up to six sessions.

Learn more about the Farmer Assistance Program and who qualifies.